Award winning: Best UK Electronic Cigarette Blog

  • June 19, 2014
  • Dave Cross

It is with delight and huge pride that I welcome you to the post where we are celebrating victory at the prestigious UK E Cig Blog National Awards 2014 ceremony.

However, as more smokers started to use the tobacco-free product, they realised that they could still enjoy the pleasure they received from smoking without the tobacco and other carcinogenic chemicals. Plus, they were in control of the amount of nicotine that was inside the e-liquid so if they did want to quit smoking they could realistically wean themselves off slowly.

To be quite honest, we weren’t expecting to win anything and sat at our table making polite conversation, sipping cider and nibbling on those tiny morsels of food that chefs seem to think now constitute a wholesome meal.

You can probably picture the surprise on our faces as my wife, standing next to the television, read out the result. I looked at the dogs, they looked at me and we ran madly around the lounge. Considering the competition we would have been up against (if anybody else knew it was taking place) makes winning the e-cigarette blog award one of those moments in life I’ll treasure forever.

Studies have shown that they contain fewer toxins than tobacco cigarettes (around 4000 fewer I'd say) which means that there are fewer health risks involved. The biggest concern seems to be with the vapour that is produced instead of smoke. Many doctors have wondered if this vapor is safer than second-hand smoke. or if it is just as dangerous to others who share breathing room with ecig users.

Marketwatch is a well-known information source, and when I say "well known" I mean that I’ve heard of it and use it from time to time. This in the same sense that 'The Vamps' may be my daughter’s favourite something or other but they aren’t well known because I haven’t got a clue what they are…she just talks about them/it from time to time.

So, when I happened upon a story on it referring to a UK electronic cigarette manufacturer scooping a prize my interest was piqued and I read further. Kudos to Gamucci, they lifted the coveted "Best e-cig brand in the UK" at the Brand Weekly Consumer Choice Awards 2014.

Now I know that this reflects on me and not Gamucci, but I know as much about them as I do The Vamps. My entry point to vaping was via an Ego-style battery and a CE2 carto, cigalikes are pretty much a closed book to me. Whenever I discover something new I like to read up about it.

This is a firm selling around £10M-worth of electronic cigarettes in major outlets I go out of my way to avoid. I feign illnesses like sudden death and spontaneous combustion in order to skip family shopping trips into Big Town. The depth of my ignorance was becoming clearer.

In late 2013 they approached Canaccord Genuity, a brokerage company, to help them raise £20M for expansion, "marketing and further research and development" according to the Daily Telegraph.

So, fine, I have a handle on a major player in the UK ciga like market (and the notion I ought to explore the others a bit further too) but what about this award? If there's something afoot ecig-related, especially when it comes to awards and prizes, vaping forums normally mention them.

It came as little surprise that the Brand Weekly Consumer Choice Awards were organised by Brand Weekly – but here's where I begin to get a tad perplexed. Me and marketing have known each other for a number of years, stretching back to the days when the top company men had to have it explained to them in little words that marketing was more than 'sales'. Who are Brand Weekly? Well it turns out that they are a massive online website with an enormous 959 'Likes' on Facebook going by the tagline 2Creatively Connecting Brands To Consumers".

Well, not quite if you look at their forum with over 16,000 members who all appear to have similar birthdays and have all not posted anything. Six threads, six posts since its inception stretches credence somewhat. I'm not saying Brand Weekly isn't a legitimate organisation and Jordan Kensington (who owns the domain) isn't actively promoting brands. I'm certain that the website starting up a couple of weeks after the Telegraph article is mere coincidence.

Winding back the clock three weeks I wondered how I could raise this blog's profile within the vaping community. Clearly, if this were an award-winning blog then that would be something to shout about. We'd be able to send out press releases to all the major news organisations and place some kind of triumphant image file on all of the pages. There's one thing knowing you are No.1 – but being able to prove it with a jpg file is different gravy. I'd caution you here to pay attention to Abraham Lincoln's wise words at the top of this article – I don't have a clock to wind backwards, forwards or any which way. One of the oldest forms of promotion in Marketing is to gain an award and it is not unknown for brands to set up organisations to give themselves one. When I worked for a leading breakfast cereal company you wouldn't believe the number of accreditations and awards they lifted in a three-year period.

As I say, I've not had the pleasure of vaping a Gamucci cigalike, they may well be the very best in the world – not only the UK. Brand Weekly is possibly the greatest online brand management company. The only thing I know for certain, they don't hold the crown for being "The Best UK Electronic Cigarette Blog ". The only thing we need to do now is conduct a survey using the Research Simian website and we can release the news to the press that Ecigzone polls demonstrate 19 out of 20 cats preferred reading it.