Electronic Cigarettes Pose Far Less Risk Than Tobacco

  • October 14, 2018
  • Admin

Electronic cigarettes have gained a large amount of attention over the past several years thanks to their claims that they are much healthier than standard tobacco cigarettes. E-Cigs, as they are often called, can contain as little or as much nicotine as the user prefers, or none at all. These products were put on the market at first to help tobacco users stop smoking by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine they put into their body.

However, as more smokers started to use the tobacco-free product, they realised that they could still enjoy the pleasure they received from smoking without the tobacco and other carcinogenic chemicals. Plus, they were in control of the amount of nicotine that was inside the e-liquid so if they did want to quit smoking they could realistically wean themselves off slowly.

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What are the risks involved?

There are a hell of a lot of scientists and doctors who say that smoking an e-cig is far healthier than cigarettes and while there are still many experts who are unsure if electronic cigarettes or e-liquid is safer than smoking tobacco products, smokers who have already made the switch have said that they feel much healthier since they have cut out the use of tobacco and lowered the amount of nicotine they are taking in.

Studies have shown that they contain fewer toxins than tobacco cigarettes (around 4000 fewer I'd say) which means that there are fewer health risks involved. The biggest concern seems to be with the vapour that is produced instead of smoke. Many doctors have wondered if this vapor is safer than second-hand smoke. or if it is just as dangerous to others who share breathing room with ecig users.


What is Inside an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is made up of several parts. The outside parts that we see include the vaporising chamber, called a clearomizer, and the battery, which makes up more than half of the device. Inside the e-cig you have the Atomizing device, battery circuit board, and an LED light at the end that simulates burning.


Additional Benefits of Vaping

Electronic cigarettes do not produce any type of smoke. Instead, vapour is released from the e-liquid contained inside the cartridges. This benefit allows users to smoke in public places once again where tobacco cigarettes have been banned. They also do not expose others to harmful second hand smoke which is ideal for smokers who are constantly around non-smokers. They also do not leave your clothing smelling like tobacco smoke and they will not cause bad breath.

The e-liquid cartridges are available in a variety of flavours including everything from classic menthol to cherry or vanilla. Electronic Cigarettes are also less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes and one single cartridge could last twice as long as a pack of ten depending on the clearomizer you are using.

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