What would happen if E-Cigarettes were banned?

  • October 19, 2019
  • Stephen Parkinson

E Cigarette ban in Europe loomsFirst of all, as you all well know,electronic cigarettes are not dangerous, especially when compared to tobacco. So why does the European Commission want to classify them as either a tobacco product or a medicinal product?

Electronic cigarettes fall into neither categories! Don't they realize that this move, if carried through, will not help anybody? This raises questions about the EC's competency in dealing with healthcare matters, especially since the snus ban. They knew snus was less harmful than tobacco yet they persisted on banning it anyway, but Sweden defied this ban and their death rate from smoking related diseases is now the lowest in Europe as a result, and guess what...snus is STILL banned everywhere else! A ruling power so interested in public health would see the results and adjust their regulations, but the commission haven't. They kept snus off the markets and now they want E-cigarettes off the shelves too! Makes you question their motivation in doing this, what with the EU Healthcare chief recently being forced to resign from his position after being the suspect of a corrupt scandal.

There is absolutely no need for other regulation than that which is already in place from the EU's own legislation on consumer products (for example: the General Products Safety Directive, and attendant regulatory statute) which ensure that the standards of e cig products are high. They won't and can't ban e-cigarettes. What are they going to ban? A battery? An atomizer? It's ridiculous! The only thing they can do is regulate nicotine either as a tobacco product or a medical product. Either way, e cig vendors are completely done for if this happens...

...but so are the tobacco companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the EC's interests because people will just start importing the components to make their own from China. Customs will probably find only a small amount of imported nicotine from which people import. Vapers will still communicate though forums and there'll be another criminal black market to worry about, sucking money from the economy. Does the European commission really want people making their own e-liquid with sub-standard products from china? If they truly cared about public health then the answer is no, but this is what will happen if they get their way. They will do more harm than good, which unfortunately comes as no surprise. They are clearly incompetent in these matters! E-cigarette forums and blogs have rallied to present their opinion on how the EC is so incompetent by asking their readers and members to fill out structured questionnaires which will be sent to the department of health.

The general outlook of these questionnaires is that e-cigarette users would almost certainly go back to regular tobacco cigarettes if e-liquid wasn't available, and that very few users actually quit using their e-cigarette, paying testament to the fact that e-cigs are not a smoking cessation device. Imagine if you could only get e-cigarettes in the pharmacy to help you quit smoking and people became addicted to them instead. It really doesn't change anything other than you're still smoking but in a healthier way, so if e cigs where to be used as Nicotine Replacement Therapy, it would be counter productive. How many people become addicted to nicotine gum? or Patches? Hardly any, but if they did they'd be taken off the shelves immediately! This is what will happen with e cigarettes if we went down that road!


What are the risks involved?

There are a hell of a lot of scientists and doctors who say that smoking an e-cig is far healthier than cigarettes and while there are still many experts who are unsure if electronic cigarettes or e-liquid is safer than smoking tobacco products, smokers who have already made the switch have said that they feel much healthier since they have cut out the use of tobacco and lowered the amount of nicotine they are taking in.

Studies have shown that they contain fewer toxins than tobacco cigarettes (around 4000 fewer I'd say) which means that there are fewer health risks involved. The biggest concern seems to be with the vapour that is produced instead of smoke. Many doctors have wondered if this vapor is safer than second-hand smoke. or if it is just as dangerous to others who share breathing room with ecig users.


What is Inside an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is made up of several parts. The outside parts that we see include the vaporising chamber, called a clearomizer, and the battery, which makes up more than half of the device. Inside the e-cig you have the Atomizing device, battery circuit board, and an LED light at the end that simulates burning.


Additional Benefits of Vaping

Electronic cigarettes do not produce any type of smoke. Instead, vapour is released from the e-liquid contained inside the cartridges. This benefit allows users to smoke in public places once again where tobacco cigarettes have been banned. They also do not expose others to harmful second hand smoke which is ideal for smokers who are constantly around non-smokers. They also do not leave your clothing smelling like tobacco smoke and they will not cause bad breath.

The e-liquid cartridges are available in a variety of flavours including everything from classic menthol to cherry or vanilla. Electronic Cigarettes are also less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes and one single cartridge could last twice as long as a pack of ten depending on the clearomizer you are using.

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